"After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I went to the Moab Acupuncture Clinic for treatment. While there I was also treated for high blood pressure, as well as the prostate cancer, and received some good, well researched advice regarding diet and dietary supplements to help treat my conditions. Since my time at M.A.C. my blood pressure has come down and I have had two biopsies with no trace of cancer".

                                                                                                                           ...SB Moab, UT

"I first began acupuncture when I hurt my knee. It worked brilliantly and I have been a devoted believer ever since. Flora is an amazing specialist who can work magic with any physical and emotional challenges. I consider myself fortunate for finding her and her practice, so much so that I have referred friends and family. She is an honest and gifted acupuncturist with an incredible gift for healing! I only wish we could clone her. Thank you Flora"!

                                                                                                                ... T.C - Moab, Utah

"I had my first appointment with Flora several years ago. It was of tremendous value, and even though I live in Colorado, I make sure to book an appointment here any time I visit.
Flora has been able to do in a few sessions what other providers have taken years to do. She is extremely gifted and I feel very lucky to have found her. Time with her is very healing on many levels.
Highly recommend you book a session or two if you are visiting. Well worth the money"!!! 

                                                                                    ... Kimberly Barnett, Breckenridge CO

"I've been having treatments for 5 weeks for chronic back pain due to severe osteoporosis. the pain is much subsided since I started the treatments. I'm drinking much more water and can feel the difference, I'm much more hydrated. my urinary tract pain is gone. Im eating lots more vegetables at Flora's suggestion and have more energy-and have lost 5 pounds. Common sense, but Flora keeps me on task. My mood is much more positive as we've dealt with the whole body. I'm glad for the treatments and their results and the life style changes". 

                                                                                                                     ...M.D. Moab, UT

"After the gallbladder removal I kept experiencing internal pain, but thanks to Flora I feel much better. Not only physically, but also spiritually. there are no words to express my appreciation for what she has done, and continues to do for me".

                                                                                                                      ...C.H. Moab, UT

"For the whole year of 2014, I had Achilles Tendonitis to the point I could no longer walk without pain. I came to Flora and thought I could give it a try. That was Dec.2014. The results I had were immediate and total. I could walk & hike again. I recommend it highly". 

                                                                                                    ......D.E.Alaska & Moab, UT

"I used to break out in hives multiple times a day and especially after exercise or a hot shower. the hives were splotchy, raised and very itchy. ever since being treated with NAET I have not been breaking out in hives. It's been 6 months without a single break out!".

                                                                                                                         ...J.L. Moab, UT

Micocurrent facial rejuvenation

"Flora knows her stuff1 I am constantly amazed by her knowledge & feel as though I have learned so much from her. I loved the microcurrent facial, my skin looks young & healthy". 

                                                                                                                         ...T.S. Moab, UT

"The sessions were very relaxing and rejuvenating afterward. The noticeable changes were, The reduction of deeper wrinkles; around eyes, laugh line around the mouth and the jaw line. There is an improvement in skin texture and tone. After the 2-3 sessions , I started receiving comments from friends saying " your skin looks so great and vibrant. what have you been doing?". overall excellent result. I highly recommend it".

                                                                                                                        ...K.M. Moab, UT

Mei Zen, cosmetic acupuncture

"After the first session of Mei zen cosmetic acupuncture, my face felt firm. After each subsequent sessions, the fine lines were losing their depth and looked softer. I noticed the deeper lines were not as deep as before starting the treatment. I have a very sensitive skin, intolerance of most cosmetic products, even the natural organic products. My skin used to break to a lot, but Meizen sessions have cleared up my skin. Now my skin is firm, face is glowing and the jowl has lifted up considerably".
                                                                                                                        ...B.D. Moab, UT